Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potty Training Try-Outs

Joseph and I picked up a potty book yesterday and he seemed really into it, so today we read it and I put him in his super-cool train undies, to see what would happen.

What happened was nice trails of pee all over my floor. The first time he just peed in one place and then came to tell me about the "mess" when he was done. The second time he ran to me while it was happening, which was theoretically a step forward (except for cleaning, that is). But the third time he just sat in his high chair and went, and didn't even say anything (perhaps distracted by breakfast). Regardless, I decided that it was 3 strikes and out, since he never made anything happen in the potty.

Oh well, we'll just call it spring training, and give it another shot the next time I have the urge to clean the floors.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tulip Fantasy

From the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last week.

More photos from the day here

Holland, or Atlanta?

Just Like Daddy

This is what happens when you take your Daddy-worshiping toddler away for 4 days

"Oh, is this Daddy's shirt? I should wear it."
"Oooh, Daddy's shoes!"
Working hard just like Daddy

Up North

Joseph and I headed up to Chicago/MI/IN last weekend to visit my friends Taylor and Teresa. Tay lives south of the city, and Teresa and her husband Michael were back after evacuating from Tokyo after the earthquake.

What can I say, the combo of not traveling in months plus having my BFF need to evacuate her home put the need for speed back into my wheelie bag. So Joseph and I booked a flight 4 days before we left.

It was Joseph's first flight that we had to pay for (booo) but he was a great air passenger, as always. It had been recommended to me that we bring his car seat on the plane, but really, that was awful. Imagine trying to get a carseat, toddler, and 4 bags down an aisle. Luckily there were friendly passengers on the plane to help us! The flight home we ditched the car seat at ticketing and it was much more enjoyable (and easy!). Maybe the car seat would be good if you were going during nap time? I dunno, but I don't think we'll be doing that again ourselves!

Besides that little snafu, everything went off without a hitch. Joseph slept almost the entire ride to Michigan, and the whole ride back from Indiana. He had a ton of fun with Teresa's nieces and cousins, and loved all the dotage of all the adoring adults! We went for walks, learned numbers, and played with trains (of course). He just barely fit in the pack'n'play we were able to borrow, for which I'm eternally grateful, because I don't know how we'd have done it in a strange adult sized bed! I think Mama would have spent a lot of her free time laying next to Joseph during naps and bedtime! I suppose we'll see for next time, as he's pretty much maxed out the PNP for length.

Enough logistics! We had a super time and are so thankful for the hospitality we received from Mike and Teresa's families during such a stressful time for them! I didn't bring my camera, but Mike took lots of pics. But, being as the flew back to Japan, I'm sure they have other things on their mind.

Stay safe, guys, and can't wait till you are back!

Friday, March 25, 2011

FO: Soakers, soakers everywhere

These were perfect knitting for my trip to Chicago - I've done enough of them that I don't have to worry too much about gauge and sizing, and it's a fantastic pattern. They also make great quick gifts. Alas, I still have a little of that blue and a ton of that red even after three of these! De-stash fail.

FO: Baby Blue Baby Vest

I whipped up this vest and hat for my friend Charlotte, who is due on Monday with her second son. Hopefully they will fit! I have to say that I was reticent to do another vest - all that back and forth stockinette at the top, but then I learned how to knit backwards in 2 minutes and it rocked my world! It's such a handy tool - and really easy to learn. Try it out next time you need to keep turning your work every few stitches!

FO: Rib-it Baby Sweater and Hat

Oh so cute! I was not a fan of the construction of this sweater, mostly because it was nearly impossible to do any modifications on it (I gave up trying). But the end result is so adorable, can I complain too loudly? Not really.

These were more "destash" yarns, but Surprise! I still have all 3 colors left. Such is my life with this whole destash task.

Here is the Rib-it Baby Sweater (and matching hat, of course!):

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bellies Together!

When Joseph began the weaning process a few weeks ago, he became really interested in pulling up my shirt and his and squishing our bellies together. Weird, right?

I have no idea how he got the idea, or what it is that makes him like it so much (perhaps children need "skin to skin" contact longer than we'd think?) but it's hilarious, and buys me a few minutes in the morning when I don't want to get out of bed.

So now, instead of nursing in the morning, we put our "bellies together". I guess it's true that necessity is the mother of invention!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, Joseph weaned himself yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's for good - he looked at me like I'd grown a second head when I offered yesterday and today!

I'm a little sad, but mostly OK with it. I was going through some phases where I felt a bit "rejected" by the whole process, but he obviously still loves and needs his mama, so there is nothing to be upset about. It's just the last little shred of his babyhood.

He is two now, and we got through another winter without getting sick, so there is pretty much nothing to regret. I'm also happy for him that he was able to wean on his own time and I didn't have to force it on him. I know lots of women find that difficult.

Goodbye baby, hello big boy!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

We celebrated with a play date in the morning, and a round of pants-less golf after a 3.5 hour (!) nap.

Yes, I think he's so cute with his skinny legs and white socks. I am from Minnesota, after all.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joseph is 2!

And he likes it!

We had a nice party for him with a few of his friends yesterday, and opened presents last night with just the three of us. We had so much fun playing with the ones he got from family that we forgot to bust out his big present - a balance bike! So we showed him this morning, and he was stoked until he fell over. Now he is "all done" when he sees it. Figures, eh? I'm letting him get used to it in his own time.

Notable notes at this 2 year mark:
- I did cry putting him to bed the night before his birthday
- He says a lot of things and I understand most of it, so long as he is talking about something I can see.
- He sleeps all night (woo hoo!); about 10-11 hours.
- He does not pee in the potty (boo hoo!)
- He has all of his teeth except his 2 year molars (which are coming - he's a drool machine)
- He's super well mannered, and fun to play with
- He's had about 11-billionty hair cuts
- He loves to sing and dance and play with his new instruments
- The only veggies he eats are peas and carrots. Thank goodness for gummy vitamins
- He's self-weaning and is down to nursing for a few minutes when he wakes up. I think he'll be done in the next week.
- He's so handsome in his sweater vests - totally pulls it off. ;)

Here are some photos of the day:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2 year Pediatritian Appointment

Wow - can you believe it's that time already?

Vital stats:

22lbs (<1%)
34" tall (a little below 50%)
18.9" head circ (I can't remember exactly, but it was around 25%)

The doctor is *finally* convinced that Joseph is on his own curve and doing well (yey!) I've been convinced ever since he started talking.

There is too much awesome stuff to say about how he's been. He's so fun right now. Sometimes he just runs around like a mad man - so funny. He knows every letter (except Q, but heck, that one's not too important, right?) and lots of words. Once we filled up a whole page I stopped keeping track, but I'd put him at 75-100 if I had to guess.

He loves to play with balls, still, but he's really into puzzles, books, trains, cars, and his stuffed bears. He reminds me to grab a bag before we go, and sometimes he wants to take his own "bag" (an old purse of mine) with - filled with balls, of course!

We've been going to a music class that he absolutely adores. It's really making him more outgoing. I'm hoping it'll prepare him slightly for preschool in the fall.

He's still a bit "sensitive" with other kids; his feelings are easily hurt and not easily repaired. We'll have a lot of work to do teaching him how to interact with children in an assertive manner... which will be difficult for this Mama, who specialized in passive-aggressive techniques all of her life! Never to late to learn, right? We have a ways to go for that, though, as most two year olds are simply taking from others or pushing them around. I'm thinking that meaningful interaction is a year or two away still.

All in all, Joseph is a huge joy in our lives - he makes me happy and proud to be a mom!

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