Sunday, April 24, 2011

Officially 2nd Trimester!

Can you believe that I almost missed it? I just looked at the ticker.

Second babies are funny. I do think about the fact that I'm pregnant a lot (the burgeoning belly is a constant reminder), and about the baby itself, but the "milestones" are kind of a blip on the radar.

I think it's going to start feeling more "real" soon, though. I've been feeling weird sensations in my belly the last few days. I'm not a big believer that you can feel something that weighs an ounce, but it kind of feels like there is a bunch of water sloshing around. Which, well, there is. And the baby is the one sloshing. No kicks yet, though.

Friday, April 22, 2011


On the first day of cravings, the baby said to me:
"one double-decker taco with cheese, please"

On the second day of cravings the baby said to me:
"2 cheesy tacos, and fried potatoes with cheese and sour cream"

On the third day of cravings, the baby said to me:
“one cheesy taco, and a bean burrito to attempt to be healthy”

Now mama has a tummy ache.

on the 4th day of cravings, the baby sad to me:
“one cheesy taco”, But mama said “sorry, time for something healthy”

And so we had soup and salad at home. The End.

Other cravings have included:
- Eating an entire pound of potato salad in one sitting
- Furthermore, purchasing another 2# "just in case" - I did eat it, though not all at once.
- Deluxe seafood salad (i.e. more mayo)
- Klondike bars - 5 packages later, and I still want one every afternoon, though I did not buy more (yet)
- Fresh fruit salad (thank goodness for small miracles) and green salad w/ lots of dressing
- Lucky charms

- Meat of pretty much any kind, especially if I'm the one cooking
- Cooking in general. Joseph and T.J. would have starved without the grocery store deli and local eateries.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Latest Baking Project

Meet our newest little DomerBaby! S/he is growing well, and we're expecting an arrival around 10/27! I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow - these are from Last Friday.

We're ecstatic and can't wait to meet the baby!

At 12 weeks, 1 day pregnant

12w1d Pregnant

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Videos

The newest video clips are up! Including "How Children are Like Pets - Part 187"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

Today, we had some ups and downs:

1) Great morning at the zoo, where Joseph got to see the pandas wrestle and the orangutans do acrobatics.
2) Over-tired antics on skype with Grandma and Grandpap C, running in circles all over the house
3) An excellent walk with Joseph's baby stroller (holding Mickey Mouse, or "Mouse," as we call him) in the sunshine after nap
4) Multiple meltdowns while I prepared dinner, about such important things as mom wanting to wash chicken guts off her hands before picking him up
5) "Setting the table" for the first time - Joseph helped himself to the forks like always, but instead of throwing them around the living room he put them in places on the kitchen table "mama, daddy, Joseph". So brilliant! Everyone got 2 or 3 forks. ;)
6) More meltdowns when it was bath time instead of book time
7) While I was adjusting the water temperature, Joseph managed to open the toilet lid, grab his toilet seat ring, put it on the seat, climb UP on it without a stool, and stick his foot down the middle and into the (thankfully clean) toilet water. That created another meltdown - and Mama was none to pleased, either!

It is now 8:45, and this Mama is ready for bed!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Day at the Garden

Because, seriously, why not??? The weather was amazing, and we had a fun time with our play group today. I didn't bring the stroller in the hopes of getting Joseph lots of exercise [read: good nap], but it didn't work out that way. He did not nap well, but he was as hungry as a horse today! He ate 3 meatballs with dinner!

Here are some cute photos from the day, check out smugmug for more.

Grandpa Ed, is that you?!?

Pleased as punch to be outside!

Enjoying the views from the canopy walk

Giving the pretty laides wide birth

Monkeying around, as usual!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy

All Joseph talks about lately is Daddy. Daddy's shoes, daddy's book, daddy's [golf] ball, etc...

Daddy is soooooo cool. Just ask Mama!

In other news, the weather is AWESOME. We went to a park this morning with some friends to "play ball".

Saturday, April 2, 2011

1, 2, 3...

After two years of carrying Joseph up and down the two flights of stairs to our apartment, I realized that at some point I have to let him practice so he can get up and down it himself in a timely manner. If anyone has practiced such a thing, you know that it takes for-e-ver to get a toddler up a flight of stairs, much less two. In order to hasten the activity, I thought maybe if I counted the steps it'd entice him to keep going.

Well, it sort of worked, and it turns out that he can count to 10! When did that happen? We've been reading lots of counting books, lately, but he generally doesn't say the numbers (besides maybe one, two, and three) so as we got up to 8 and 9 I was truly amazed!

It's fun to be surprised by him.

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