Saturday, February 25, 2012

She Moves, She moves!

Oh Ricky Martin, you are so right.

Nora started rolling the other day!  I put it on Facebook, but I need to get better about keeping up here - as this is "permanent". 

You can see her in action here

She can scoot around on her back pretty well, too apparently.  I put her under her baby gym - and this is where she was when I looked back a few minutes later:

Also note sock and toy placement. :)

After I uploaded the pic she'd made it all the way to the hardwoods.  Crazy girl.

Her 4mo appointment is coming up on Friday - get excited!  Ha!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Funny Kiddos

This week, Nora began blowing raspberries.  It's pretty funny, and Joseph likes it.  Today he said that Nora was blowing... "blueberries".  Pretty close!  Nora is kind of laughing, now.  It is coming out more like a whine/cry, but I'm sure belly laughs are around the corner!

As for Joseph, I'm pretty sure we can cross "doctor" off the list of probable careers as he gags every time he sees a little milk on her chin.  I think he's a bit weak in the stomach.  Ha!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our first "conversation"

Yesterday, Joseph woke up from his nap and Nora was still asleep.  Joseph has been waking up pretty grouchy lately, and likes to snuggle for a while, so I took him into my bed.  We snuggled and I started asking him about school.  He never really says much about it, but this time I took a "what happened next" tactic starting from when he took his coat off.  He told me about several things that he did in his day that way!  It was the first "conversation" I think we've ever had.  Sure, he talks a lot and we say things to each other, but this was back-and-forth sustained talking.  It made me so happy!

Oh, and Nora is *almost* laughing now - I took her to her first baby storytime during preschool yesterday morning which she seemed to enjoy well enough, and we read a book together and did some songs last night while T.J. and Joseph played upstairs.  It was fun to be in the "baby" stage again for that short while.

I'm feeling very lucky lately!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Auntie Debbie put this together for us... I always laugh when people say Nora looks like Joseph!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nora is 3 months old!

Well, 4 days ago.  Never fear, dear readers - I did in fact get pictures of her on the exact day!

Notable things about this time of Nora's life:

- She's got a loose "bedtime" around 9:30 I've been putting her in her cosleeper upstairs with mixed success (about 50/50 now).  She usually tanks up before then (nursing up to 2-3 hours straight) and then sleeps until 4am.  It probably helps that the girl has to live on catnaps between errands and Joseph's banshee-like behavior when he's awake and not at school!

- Reaching for objects.  She can grab, hold, and put things into her mouth, now!  On her actual 3mo "birthday" she started grabbing for toys and holding them for a second.  Over the last four days the skill has exploded and today she grabbed, held, and then brought a toy to her mouth for exploration!  (Video to come - check out smugmug.)

- She also often leads with her mouth, though.  It's so hilarious to watch her try to suck whatever she sees in without her hands!  Today it was her hat.

- Interacting with Joseph: Goodness those two already love each other dearly!  Joseph tries (and succeeds) to make her smile all the time.  They love to look at each other.  I cannot wait for her to become more interactive with him!

- Strong preference for Mama.  Unfortunately for me!  I did get a double-electric pump, and I'm trying to get committed to using it so that I could... you know... go somewhere ALONE (or even with my husband) for more than 1.5 hours.  But right now she cries for about an hour of that time anyway, so I'm trying to accept my lot.  At least I know it's not forever this time, since Joseph is a blooming independent!

- Super slobber.  I don't see any sign of teeth (how could we be talking about teeth already?!?  Where does the time go?) but goodness she's a drool machine.

Without further adieu, here's Nora!

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