Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our first "conversation"

Yesterday, Joseph woke up from his nap and Nora was still asleep.  Joseph has been waking up pretty grouchy lately, and likes to snuggle for a while, so I took him into my bed.  We snuggled and I started asking him about school.  He never really says much about it, but this time I took a "what happened next" tactic starting from when he took his coat off.  He told me about several things that he did in his day that way!  It was the first "conversation" I think we've ever had.  Sure, he talks a lot and we say things to each other, but this was back-and-forth sustained talking.  It made me so happy!

Oh, and Nora is *almost* laughing now - I took her to her first baby storytime during preschool yesterday morning which she seemed to enjoy well enough, and we read a book together and did some songs last night while T.J. and Joseph played upstairs.  It was fun to be in the "baby" stage again for that short while.

I'm feeling very lucky lately!


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