Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheese, please!

I've been introducing some more finger foods with Joseph this week. We did cheese last night, and it was a big hit! He seemed to like it a lot. I also gave him some peas/carrots/corn, and he preferred to throw that all over the kitchen. He did eat some of it, but most got tossed around. I can see why people like having dogs.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Grumpy Pants

Joseph is really cranky lately - probably going through withdrawal from all the attention he got the last few weeks from our families!

Really though, I think he's getting several new teeth and going through some developmental milestones. The poor kid just can't get comfortable at night. If his teeth aren't bothering him, then he'll wake up on his hands and knees. That'd make me cry, too!

So we've been suffering on the sleep front. He was up at least 2 times every hour last night (I really should hide my clock so I can't see - it'd make me more sane!) Yesterday he took both of his naps on my back, which he hasn't done in quite a while.

But we're hanging in there. T.J. comes back from NJ tonight, and I'll be glad to have him around this weekend. I'll try to post pictures soon!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Have you seen anything cuter than this little kid?
I think not.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Physical Leaps

Joseph has definitely had a developmental leap (or two!) this month. He's started crawling a bit, and as soon as he did that he realized he could also use those arms to pull himself up on things! He's still on his knees while pulling up (lucky for me!)

Besides moving all over, he also grew some this week. You always know with the footie pajamas, because one day they fit, and the next day they don't. He looks bigger than Debbie's cat now, too. Haha.

I'm amazed at how far he's come this week. It's definitely good for him to be around his family - they love to play with him and teach him new things! I'm not sure he'd have come this far without them.

We head out to Pittsburgh tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure he'll be crawling like a pro by the time we leave there on Sunday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

We have a crawler!

First, Daddy is coming to MN! Yippee! He gets in tonight. Joseph and I can't wait!

And we have news! Joseph is a crawler! He took his first crawl(?) - a few "steps" today on his hands and knees! He still seems pretty scared to move his hands, but I'm sure he'll be zooming around in no time! He did it two separate times, but unfortunately I didn't get it on camera yet. I will keep trying! Can I use any more exclamation points?!?!

Here's a picture from the other day to tide you over:

Playing with Grandpa

Disposables = Leaks and Diaper Rash (for us)

Disclaimer: This is my experience only. No need to defend your diapers to me!

We're using disposables for our 12 day trip, mostly because it'd cost about $75 to check the diapers through the airport in all, which seems ridiculous. Though I have been pleased during the daytime with them (besides the smell - gross!) we've had two nights of pee-throughs. And that's with Pampers nighttime diapers! I guess they aren't made for little guys who nurse all night long!

The other problem is that Joseph developed a diaper rash. I'm going to try the Huggies we brought today to see if that solves the problem (along with some diaper cream). I'm hoping it's just because of the fragrance of the Pampers.

Can't wait to get back to our Green Mountain Prefolds!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We made it to the frozen tundra

Joseph did great on the plane, as always. Once he got used to his new surroundings he was fine, and he's been thoroughly enjoying the company of Grandma, Grandpa, and Auntie Debbie.

Grandma took this picture, as I couldn't fit the camera in my bags! We made it to Minnesota with only one carryon bag and a backpack! Not sure if that's how we'll leave, though. Hehe. Grandma took Joseph shopping today!

Hi Daddy! I miss you lots!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

101 Reasons to Breastfeed

A friend pointed me to this, and I thought it was great (even though I only got through like 20 or so before Joseph wanted to play with the computer).

If you need a few reasons, here are 101!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Year Ago on DomerBaby

January 9 - 15

Joseph is 10 months Old!

And boy does he love his alligator xylophone!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Da da da and More!

Oh! Hi Daddy! Look at the cute longies Tante Teresa made me!

Yep, now all he says is da-da. A day late and a dollar short, kid! Apparently me saying it nonstop for a month straight worked, though. I better be careful with "no" if he learns to say things that fast!

Today we went to the aquarium with Auntie Debbie, who is in for the weekend. I must have worn them both out - Joseph and Debbie both slept for 2.5 hours this afternoon! Made for a lazy afternoon for mama, as Joseph spent a lot of that time in my arms. I can't say I minded, though. Days where he sleeps in my arms are few and far between, now!

He tried a new food today! Whole milk yogurt! I just bought a tub of the stoneyfields organic and froze it in 1 oz cubes like the rest of his food. He ate 2 cubes with about 1/3 of a banana mixed in for a snack tonight. He is not a picky eater at all, so far! It's great.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Drop-Off!

Well, technically the 2nd time I guess - I had to leave him with Laura (our doula) when he was tiny. But this was the first time I've had to leave him since he's had a personality! I was a little nervous for my friend Sara. But apparently he did great and ate all of his lunch for her (no surprise there!)

He predictably burst into tears when I came back. I'm pretty sure he meant to say:

"Oh my goodness! You left and I didn't even realize it but now you are back and I mean you LEFT and I was HERE and you were GONE and that is really SCARY and what if you never came BACK then would I even have REALIZED it and HOW COULD YOU HAVE LEFT ME HEEEEEEERE!"

We're safe back home (me with a much needed new haircut!) now waiting for Auntie Debbie to arrive. Hopefully the snow won't hold them back.

Joseph doesn't think I'm giving Daddy enough attention (he's always asleep when T.J. calls) so he wanted to leave Daddy a message:

Hi Daddy! I had lots of fun playing with Megan today. I also learned to roll the ball into the kitchen! I went in there all by myself and managed to push it back into the living room. It was pretty cool, but the kitchen floor is harder to move on than the carpet. Luckily Mama is keeping up with chores so there wasn't anything for me to eat while I was in there!

Diaper Update

Success! The stinkies are long gone from our nighttime diapers. Yey! Stripping all diapers will commence on Monday. I think I'll try to put them all in the bathtub to get as much soap out as possible, and then I might do the dawn strip method. It's such a mess in my HE washer though. Maybe just a *tiny* bit of dawn, or vinegar only. The rest of the diapers aren't nearly as bad as the nighttime diapers. I wonder if hemp holds onto the detergent more since it's more absorbent?

Note: prefolds are the best when it comes to this stuff - yet another reason to love them! They never get stinky and you can do whatever you want to them without worrying about snaps, aplix, color, elastic, etc...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FO: Ear flap hat for Joseph (and Hi Daddy!)

I started this hat only 2 days ago and finished it last night, but then I had to rip it back and make it a little bit taller for Joseph today. I think it turned out pretty cute, though I liked the first one better that had the dark green as the main color. Not bad for using up yarn, though. Plus he'll be toasty warm in MN and PA next week, as well as the next few days here in Atlanta, where it's been below freezing for a week! Brr!

Sure is cold in here, luckily my hat will keep me warm while I read!
Destructo Baby is on the Move!
And today's HI DADDY! photo

Diaper Care

Lately our overnight diapers (happy hempies) have been smelling quite foul by morning. Not surprising as they stay on for 11-12 hours, but they are bad even for that, so I decided to do some "stripping" today.

Basically, cloth diapers get smelly for two reasons: not enough detergent, or too much. Ours was definitely a case of TOO MUCH.

After washing the diapers, I pulled out just the overnights to boil on the stove. I filled the pot with cold water and tossed the inserts in, and immediately the water was filled with soap. (the first picture) So I rinsed them and refilled. Same thing. Repeat this 15 times (the second picture is after 10 times). I kid you not. Then I felt like it was good enough to start the boil, even though there was still soap (the last pictures). So I boiled them and then did the same thing with the actual diapers. After boiling and rinsing some more (still soapy!) I threw them back in the washer for a quick cycle with vinegar and a tiny bit of bleach to kill any nasties. MORE SOAP. I had to do ANOTHER rinse, and can you believe there were still suds? At that point I decided we were good enough for today and tossed them in the drier.

They weren't out of the drier by bedtime, so we'll have to test them out tomorrow night.

I'm thinking of filling up the bathtub and throwing all of his diapers in and just jumping around in there to get some of the soap out! Oy. I have a few more diapers coming that I bought used, and we're going disposable for our trip to the great white north, so I'm thinking that this is a good time to strip everything. I see a lot of wash (sans soap) in my future.

More moving = More eating

Mmmm Food

Joseph cannot seem to get enough lately! He nurses all.night.long (it seems anyway) in addition to 5 or 6 nursing sessions during the day, and chows down at every meal! Here's a typical day:

3 Tbsp banana-pumpkin pie
1/2 egg yolk

3 Tbsp squash
3 Tbsp green beans
3 Tbsp apple

3 Tbsp sweet potato
3 Tbsp peas
3 Tbsp pear

Tonight he also ate 1/4 an avocado and I added in about 1/4 c of rice cereal an hour before bed and he ate that up, too! I think I need to add a 4th (and 5th?) meal in here, because he does seem stuffed by the end of meal time and sometimes spits up a bit. I also have yogurt, cheese, and meat to start adding in.

I thought they didn't start eating like this till they were teenagers?!?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi Daddy!

Look at me! I'm so big!

*I had to get him into this position, but he can stand there pretty well on his own now!

Be Careful What You Wish For

You just might get it!

Joseph is not crawling on all fours, but today he discovered moving as more than just "getting to the toy out of reach". He's been exploring all over today! So far his favorite things to do are try and play with electric sockets and stick his hand in the side table drawer and then shut it.

He really is a destructo-baby.

Monday, January 4, 2010

On Our Own

T.J. left last night for a client in D.C. He doesn't plan to be back until the 29th. That's right, a whole month! So sad! It's a very demanding job, and even if we travel up there he won't be able to hang out with us at all (working till midnight or even later), so we've decided to spend January traveling to see the families instead.

Auntie Debbie is coming down this Thursday through Sunday, and then Joseph and I are heading up to Minnesota from Wednesday through Tuesday. We go straight from Minnesota to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma and Grandpap C for 5 more days! If T.J. ends up getting weekends off, he'll fly to where we are to visit us. So Joseph and I will stay busy with our mom's group while we're at home and traveling to visit with family. Hopefully Daddy will be back before we know it!

I'm hoping to take daily or semi-daily pictures to send to T.J., so if I do look for a special new "Say Hi to Daddy" category.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Year Ago on DomerBaby

January 2 - January 8

Shimmy Shake

Joseph is getting where he needs to go now! He's shimmying all over the living room. I don't think he's figured out (yet) that he can cross the threshold into the kitchen. He rarely ventures near the edge of the carpet. He's gotten himself on all fours now, but he doesn't know what to do from there so he just goes down to his belly to start moving.

His new tricks include:

  • getting stuck under the coffee tables
  • grabbing all of our computer cords (can we say "baby proof time"
  • throwing and chasing golfballs all over.
It's only a matter of time before I break my foot (or worse) on the toys strewn all over our living room!

Check out smugmug for some fun video clips of his moving adventures!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hand Foot and Mouth

Poor T.J. is starting the new year out in a rough way - he's got hand, foot, and mouth disease! It's not nearly as gross as it sounds. Basically it's a rash. He's got it in his throat and on his hands and back so far. It makes for a very sore throat and itchy/painful hands and back.

Very strange for him to get it, he was the first case his doctor had ever seen in an adult!

Hopefully he'll be better soon, and we are able to keep Joseph sickness-free.

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