Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diaper Update

Success! The stinkies are long gone from our nighttime diapers. Yey! Stripping all diapers will commence on Monday. I think I'll try to put them all in the bathtub to get as much soap out as possible, and then I might do the dawn strip method. It's such a mess in my HE washer though. Maybe just a *tiny* bit of dawn, or vinegar only. The rest of the diapers aren't nearly as bad as the nighttime diapers. I wonder if hemp holds onto the detergent more since it's more absorbent?

Note: prefolds are the best when it comes to this stuff - yet another reason to love them! They never get stinky and you can do whatever you want to them without worrying about snaps, aplix, color, elastic, etc...


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