Monday, January 4, 2010

On Our Own

T.J. left last night for a client in D.C. He doesn't plan to be back until the 29th. That's right, a whole month! So sad! It's a very demanding job, and even if we travel up there he won't be able to hang out with us at all (working till midnight or even later), so we've decided to spend January traveling to see the families instead.

Auntie Debbie is coming down this Thursday through Sunday, and then Joseph and I are heading up to Minnesota from Wednesday through Tuesday. We go straight from Minnesota to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma and Grandpap C for 5 more days! If T.J. ends up getting weekends off, he'll fly to where we are to visit us. So Joseph and I will stay busy with our mom's group while we're at home and traveling to visit with family. Hopefully Daddy will be back before we know it!

I'm hoping to take daily or semi-daily pictures to send to T.J., so if I do look for a special new "Say Hi to Daddy" category.


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