Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Drop-Off!

Well, technically the 2nd time I guess - I had to leave him with Laura (our doula) when he was tiny. But this was the first time I've had to leave him since he's had a personality! I was a little nervous for my friend Sara. But apparently he did great and ate all of his lunch for her (no surprise there!)

He predictably burst into tears when I came back. I'm pretty sure he meant to say:

"Oh my goodness! You left and I didn't even realize it but now you are back and I mean you LEFT and I was HERE and you were GONE and that is really SCARY and what if you never came BACK then would I even have REALIZED it and HOW COULD YOU HAVE LEFT ME HEEEEEEERE!"

We're safe back home (me with a much needed new haircut!) now waiting for Auntie Debbie to arrive. Hopefully the snow won't hold them back.

Joseph doesn't think I'm giving Daddy enough attention (he's always asleep when T.J. calls) so he wanted to leave Daddy a message:

Hi Daddy! I had lots of fun playing with Megan today. I also learned to roll the ball into the kitchen! I went in there all by myself and managed to push it back into the living room. It was pretty cool, but the kitchen floor is harder to move on than the carpet. Luckily Mama is keeping up with chores so there wasn't anything for me to eat while I was in there!

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