Friday, April 22, 2011


On the first day of cravings, the baby said to me:
"one double-decker taco with cheese, please"

On the second day of cravings the baby said to me:
"2 cheesy tacos, and fried potatoes with cheese and sour cream"

On the third day of cravings, the baby said to me:
“one cheesy taco, and a bean burrito to attempt to be healthy”

Now mama has a tummy ache.

on the 4th day of cravings, the baby sad to me:
“one cheesy taco”, But mama said “sorry, time for something healthy”

And so we had soup and salad at home. The End.

Other cravings have included:
- Eating an entire pound of potato salad in one sitting
- Furthermore, purchasing another 2# "just in case" - I did eat it, though not all at once.
- Deluxe seafood salad (i.e. more mayo)
- Klondike bars - 5 packages later, and I still want one every afternoon, though I did not buy more (yet)
- Fresh fruit salad (thank goodness for small miracles) and green salad w/ lots of dressing
- Lucky charms

- Meat of pretty much any kind, especially if I'm the one cooking
- Cooking in general. Joseph and T.J. would have starved without the grocery store deli and local eateries.


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