Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day in the Life

Today, we had some ups and downs:

1) Great morning at the zoo, where Joseph got to see the pandas wrestle and the orangutans do acrobatics.
2) Over-tired antics on skype with Grandma and Grandpap C, running in circles all over the house
3) An excellent walk with Joseph's baby stroller (holding Mickey Mouse, or "Mouse," as we call him) in the sunshine after nap
4) Multiple meltdowns while I prepared dinner, about such important things as mom wanting to wash chicken guts off her hands before picking him up
5) "Setting the table" for the first time - Joseph helped himself to the forks like always, but instead of throwing them around the living room he put them in places on the kitchen table "mama, daddy, Joseph". So brilliant! Everyone got 2 or 3 forks. ;)
6) More meltdowns when it was bath time instead of book time
7) While I was adjusting the water temperature, Joseph managed to open the toilet lid, grab his toilet seat ring, put it on the seat, climb UP on it without a stool, and stick his foot down the middle and into the (thankfully clean) toilet water. That created another meltdown - and Mama was none to pleased, either!

It is now 8:45, and this Mama is ready for bed!


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