Friday, June 18, 2010

Cloth Diaper Update

We got new diapers yesterday! My most favorite diaper company, Green Mountain Diapers, is rolling out their workhorse diaper. GMD is "famous" in the cloth diapering world for their fabulous prefolds. Those are the square diapers our moms used for us. GMD has fantastic quality and great customer service. In addition, their diapers are affordable. I love my prefolds from them, though I have been going through a love/hate with them because of nasty toddler poo.

Which brings me to the new diapers. They decided to make fitted diapers out of their prefolds! Holler! Same great quality cotton, with elastic and snaps that hold in poo without getting it in 3 different places on a diaper (which renders it impossible to clean without getting my hands IN the toilet).

Best part; they are $6 each! So I ordered a dozen of their beta version of brown edge (large) workhorse diapers. They arrived a day and a half later and I prepped them last night.

Today they were on Joseph's bottom:

1) I'm sure they have not reached full absorbancy (prefold cotton need lots of washing/drying before they are fully absorbant when new) but they already seem as good as prefolds. Prefolds are not as absorbant as some of my premium diapers that have doublers, but on the other hand they should be GREAT for potty learning.
2) They run really small. Joseph is very thin at 18lbs and a bit tall at 31.5", and he fits into these well. The brown edge prefolds are 20-25lbs, and he's still got lots of room in the size before (red edge) so that's a pretty big discrepancy. I do know they are planning to change the sizing on their final versions, though. I'd say these definitely need more rise and width to fit larger kids.
3) The snaps are good - there are enough to get decent sizing. I wish they had a "side" snap on the inside like on my Bububebe's to prevent the wings from falling and give more support at the waist, but honestly it was not a problem today with the diapers, so maybe the design prevents the issue all together with these.
4) Dry time - wow. When I was prepping there were only these dozen diapers in there. The elastic at the back was still damp after 60min on high. I did another 20min and they were good to go. Usually a full diaper load for me takes that amount of time, and that was only half as many diapers! It's a double edged sword, though... that means they are absorbent, right?

I really like these diapers. They are simple, quick, and easier to use than prefolds for people "afraid" of those. They are great daytime diapers, and I think they'll be especially good for the hot summer. We can leave Joseph coverless around the house and just change him when he wets without worrying about the prefold falling off or him undoing the snappy.

You know, until he figures out the snaps!


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