Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blueberry Picking, Part 1

Last week Joseph and I went blueberry picking at DJ's U-Pick Blueberry Farm. They were super friendly, had cute goats to feed, and lots of organic berries to pick! I managed to get a whole gallon before we both melted in the hot Georgia sun.

The reward: pie, scones, muffins, more muffins, and bread with blueberries, plus as much as you could want to eat fresh!

We head back tomorrow for a second attempt. I'm planning to freeze most of those for future eating endeavors. Maybe I'll make a cobbler or blueberry sauce to go over my homemade organic vanilla ice cream (yum!)

Checking each other out
Blueberry? What blueberry? I didn't see any blueberry here...
The herd closes in
Num num num


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