Friday, October 1, 2010

Understanding Language

Joseph just *gets* so much lately. He can put his shoes away and bring them to me to put on for him, he also gets my shoes if I'm taking too long! He passed me his water the other day in the car because I forgot mine. What a sweetie! He (generally) will come over when I have a clean diaper for him, and sometimes will make a "tssss" sound when we change the diaper. I hope that's the first step toward potty learning. Haha!

He's also a reasonable listener. He will generally stop if I ask him to when we're out and about. Not that I trust him. But it's still cool. And he seems to understand that he can either hold my hand in parking lots or be carried. He doesn't usually like holding my hand unless he wants help up and down curbs, but he submits to it when I remind him of the options.

He can point to his nose, eyes, mouth, belly, and toes now. He loves to wink and look at you from the corners of his eyes.

He doesn't say too much, but he sure does know a lot! Time to start watching my words!


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