Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Little Popsicle

Joseph's been a good sport about the weather. He's generally not a fan of the cold, but we've bundled up and braved the weather a couple of times.

Since Daddy is in Switzerland (life is just so unfair, really) I've been taking a mini-vacation from making dinner. The last two nights we've gone up to some restaurants that are a short walking distance away. Joseph is still enjoying riding in the Ergo, I am glad to report! And I didn't bite it on the ice, which is excellent news when you have a toddler strapped to your chest. And I only felt like I was playing Frogger once while crossing the street.

It looks like things are going to warm up here tomorrow, so we're heading to the dentist for Joseph's first cleaning. Gee, should be a nice way to round out the week!


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