Thursday, May 5, 2011

15w Prenatal

Joseph and I went up to our doctor's office for my prenatal today. He's a trooper coming with for my appointments. T.J. comes when there is an ultrasound or bloodwork involved, but otherwise Joseph is content to chill out with some books and cars while I get weighed and measured.

Today was an uneventful day - Just weights and measures. I only gained 1lb this last month. I'm not excited, because I know that means I'm just gonna gain 10lbs next month. Ha! My blood pressure remains at zombie levels (very low). That's normal for me, though.

I saw the midwife today for the first time there, and I liked her well enough. I did let her use the doppler - next time I'll ask them if they can use a fetoscope instead, or just pass on it since they can measure fundal height and Charlotte can use her fetoscope. No need for all of those ultrasound waves if I can avoid them. I just prefer to be safe rather than sorry. Joseph turned out so perfect, after all - I'd hate to short change #2. ;) I kid, I kid.

The most exciting part of the appointment was that she said that they "discourage home births", of course, but they like to know and want me to continue prenatal care with them throughout the pregnancy if I decide to do another home birth. That's a big weight off of my shoulders, because frankly I hate to lie about it and it'll be nice to just be up front and not deal with bull crap about it. If we have to go to the hospital, we can always head up to their practice and I'll know someone there (hopefully the midwife, as I pretty much can't stand the doctors in the practice). Of course, in the event of a transfer we'd probably be heading to the closest hospital anyway, which is not where they have privileges.

They put the order in for the anatomy scan, so I'll call and schedule that tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be the same day as my next prenatal to save time (June 2) but we'll see what their schedule is like in radiology. Oh the excitement of the HMO.


Whitney May 5, 2011 at 8:21 PM  

can you not switch to a practice where you actually like the doctors? I promise, there are some MDs out there who are really nice and supportive! Or is it HMO driven?

Jen May 5, 2011 at 8:36 PM  

It's HMO driven, but it's no big deal since we're planning another HB. If I risked out for some reason, I might consider trying another practice w/in Kaiser Permanente - probably one that delivered at Piedmont.

I don't mean to sound down on docs in general - I just don't take well to these ones after spending some time with them.

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