Monday, July 2, 2012

Changing so fast

Nora woke up crying last night and I went up to get her back to sleep to find her sitting up in the middle of our bed!  Yikes!  She was sleeping on her belly - I don't know how she got to be sitting up, and I don't think she does, either!  She rolled from back to front for the first time the other day, and I found her asleep for a nap with her feet dangling off the bed.

Last night I told T.J. that we need to get our mattress on the floor ASAP and start thinking about a new bed for Joseph so that Nora can have the crib (it's converted to a toddler bed right now).

Well, today she fell out of the bed during her nap. :(  Poor baby.  Desperate times called for desperate measures, so I set up the co-sleeper as a pack'n'play (with the tall sides since she apparently sits up on her own now) and put her in there to sleep tonight until we get up there.

In other news, she's getting her top right tooth!  It's almost through, but not quite.  Hopefully it'll push through in the next day or two so she (and I) can get some rest!

Grandma and Papa arrive from Minnesota tomorrow, and we have a jam-packed schedule while they are here!  Maybe I'll even post a few pictures.  Ha!


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