Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank You!

Nora is starting to try and form words beyond Mama and Dada.  Most of it sounds the same, but she has started saying "thank you"! of all things (in generally appropriate ways)!  Such manners.  haha

She's also doing some animal sounds - or trying.  She can do the sheep, and is consistent with her dog sound, but it's not very dog like yet.  I'm pretty impressed!

She's walking a few more steps now.... and will try it of her own volition, but we still have a few weeks at least I think before she prefers it to crawling.


Joseph (or I?) have really turned a corner this last week.  We've dropped his nap completely.  If we're home, he has a little quiet time while I put Nora down and then we play together and read while she sleeps.  It's so so nice.  I really am enjoying our one-on-one time, and my goal this year is to do more of it with both of them.

He's really interested in the solar system right now, so we're finally venturing out of the truck/train book section of the library (HOORAY!).  Mama is geeked out to relearn some science facts!


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