Monday, March 18, 2013

Joseph's 4 year Pediatrician Visit

I feel like we were just there for his 3 year appointment!  Time is ticking away like crazy.

Joseph weighed in at 30lbs (the last two days of pizza, cupcakes, and McDonalds FTW!) and measured at 39".  He is officially on the weight chart now (woot!) but fell quite a bit for height - going from around 50-75% to the 25% mark.  I think it's just a fluke - Patty reports that T.J. was 38" at 4 years old, so I expect some blooming this year!  Hopefully during the summer so we don't have to buy pants twice!

Joseph did awesome at the doctor - he took a hearing test, vision test, and got his last shot before childhood boosters!  Poor guy was a real trooper - he was terrified but didn't cry when it happened.  The anticipation is always the worst part, eh?

In other news, I went to parent/teacher conferences last week and Joseph's doing great in school.  His teacher said he excels at math and reading comprehension, which is great news.  His favorite works right now are paper cutting (scissors), pouring, and matching.  He also likes to observe the other children doing their work and is starting to interact more with them.  He had several friends over yesterday for his birthday party and it was interesting to see the dynamic!


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