Monday, June 10, 2013

Our First Pet

Yes, Joseph won this battle.  Sort of. 

Joseph began telling me a few weeks ago that he was going to get a pet.  On August 19. 

???  WTF

Yes, August 19 was the day.  Why?  When asked he said "because that's when I'm getting a pet"
"Why not August 18, or 20th?"
"Because it's not the 18th."

Well, duh.  I'm such an idiot.

When I asked what kind of pet he wanted, he said a kitten (no surprise).  I nipped that one in the bud.  Not only is he not responsible enough, but cats live a long time.  Longer than I plan to be housing children.  I have to be 100% on board for that sort of comittment.  As of yet, I am not.

I told him we could get fish.

So this weekend we became proud owners of Wavy and Cloud.  Wavy is a blue fish.  Cloud is a bottom feeder.  We "rescued" them on craigslist.  That is the fancy-pet-owner way of saying that I bought them used.  Even so, we've been to the store 3 separate time to buy crap for them already.  Woo hoo!

Both Nora and Joseph love them.  Hopefully we don't kill them.  We have bad luck; if you recall Blackie the class fish, who met its demise at my house over Thanksgiving and was replaced by Blackie Jr. (and who was a different fish entirely by the end of the year, FWIW).


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