Thursday, July 24, 2008


Someone pointed out to me that I haven't been answering the #1 question: How am I feeling?

Mostly, I've been feeling excellent. Today, I'm a tiny bit nauseous, but not too bad. I've been trying to get more rest, and drink more water.

Some days I really worry because I don't have very many symptoms, and the ones I did have seem to have lessened over time. But I'm trying to stay positive, since you can be sick as a dog and still have a miscarriage. If something is wrong, I guess it's better not to have morning sickness. And if nothing is wrong, it's definitely better!

My first appointment with the hospital midwife is next Wednesday. I'm doing prenatal care with her while we are deciding on a homebirth midwife. I'll probably continue care until at least 20 weeks, when they do the anatomy ultrasound.

I'm not expecting an ultrasound next week, though it would be nice to see a heartbeat and get some positive reinforcement about the pregnancy.


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