Saturday, July 26, 2008


Today I went shopping with a friend. I managed not to buy lots of baby stuff!

We went to Pottery Barn Kids, where I did not buy organic towels, blankets, or cute (overpriced) onesies.

We went to Baby Gap, where I did not buy adorable miniature clothing that should make new mothers weep.

We even walked by Lindt and Godiva, where I told DomerBaby "No chocolate" for the first time. Haha!

Later I went to Target, where I did not buy cute kimono style baby t-shirts (better to show off the cute diapers with!)

I'd prefer to do second-hand shopping instead of buying new for the majority of our purchases. It's better for the pocketbook and the earth! Plus now that I have my embroidery machine, I can still make cool Pottery Barn-inspired monogrammed baby clothes!

I did find some beautiful cribs today, though. Hmm. More on that later.


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