Friday, October 23, 2009

Joseph's Baptism

Note: You can see professional photos using this link - just enter your email address and the password "joseph09"

You can see all the pictures we've received so far (peer pressure, Uncle Jim and Aunt Val! Everyone is doing it!) on smugmug

Everything went so well! We had a wonderful stay with the our favorite Hoosiers, as always, and of course loved seeing our families. We had an intimate baptism on Saturday at the Log Chapel on Notre Dame's campus, followed by a nice long lunch at the Morris Inn. The day was cold, but clear. We nearly froze to death taking photos before hand, but I think we got some cute ones, and it made Joseph sleep well! Hehe. No, he wasn't hypothermic, just exhausted from the ducks.

Oh, and a tip to my ND mamas in the future - Bond Hall is perfect for nursing and changing - the big entry hall has a ginormous table to spread everything out on, there are couches, and that place is kept VERY warm. It was awesome!

Joseph was, of course, amazing. He actually began bleeding after the ceremony from a tooth he was cutting, but he never cried at all during the whole thing! He seemed to enjoy the responsorials, and wanted to add his own voice to it. Seems he's catching on to the whole Catholic thing already! Fr. Rob said he was the best baby he'd had in 35 years. Aw, shucks!

He looked pretty dapper in his fancy gown and homemade sweater. Luckily (I guess?) he only bled on the sweater, so we'll be able to pass down the gown. And I got the blood out of the sweater (though some sort of stain remains. Le sigh).

Enough talk, I know you only want to see photos.

The Log Chapel
Our little family before the ceremony
Celebrity Sighting: Fr. Hesburgh did the baptism before ours!
During the ceremonyMy Uncle Jim and cousins Francesca and Colleen
Mr. and Mrs. Becher
Grandma and Joseph
The Godparents - Jake and Debbie, with us
T.J.'s parents, brother, and us
My mom, debbie, and us
A wiped out Joseph, Grandma, and Aunt Val


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