Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joseph's first tailgate

We stayed up in the area after Joseph's baptism. First we went to visit my friend Brenda in Indiana and see her daughter, Paige, who is about a month younger than Joseph, I think:

Then we went to Michigan to see Randy and Kristen and their son Samuel:
Next we went to see Shauna and her new puppy Liam, who became Joseph's best friend:

After that we went to Chicago and saw several more friends (sorry no pics) before heading back for Joseph's first ND game! Unfortunately we couldn't pull out a win against USC, but we had a great time anyway! Here are some photos:

Touchdown Jesus
"Good Luck Jesus" - Only at ND.
Does it get any better than beer, snuggy, and Jesus?
With Kathy at her tailgate
Hanging out with Daddy
So cold on the way to Reckers to watch the game!


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