Friday, April 2, 2010

Indian Summer in Spring

Lately I've really been relishing the close relationship I have with Joseph. All the cuddles during nursing, holding him as he falls asleep, even just wearing him around town for errands. He's getting so big, turning quickly into a toddler. This is the Indian Summer of his babyhood. ::tear::

This morning he was laying on me while I patted his back for him to go to sleep. He was tired, and I don't know what he was thinking about, but he just started talking and laughing. This went on for a good 3 minutes or more. He was lying on my chest, listening to my heartbeat like I used to do with my mom, and just laughing. It really made my heart swell with love and pride for him, and it made me so happy to think that he gets the feeling that I have looking back on all the cuddles I got as a child.

I feel like we're coming to the end of an "era" in his life... we're beginning to work on his sleep more, with an eye towards transitioning him to his own crib and possibly his own room. While I do enjoy having more space, SLEEP, and just T.J. in the bed, I know I'll miss cuddling with my Little Bear when he's made the move and is sleeping more soundly.


Emily April 2, 2010 at 1:44 PM  

What a sweet post. I know I'll be feeling the same way. It seems like my Henry is changing and growing too fast.

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