Friday, September 3, 2010

Attention Span!

Joseph's always had a pretty good attention span - I can't remember a time that he didn't sit still for books - but today we read an entire Berenstain Bears book. Those have lots of words! I think he liked it.

We went out for dinner, as well, and he was amazing. He colored a bit, read his books, and ate most of his taco. I picked a place with about 248 TV's, and I think that helped, too! Though honestly, he was more interested in the other diners.

Daddy should be home in a couple of hours, and we're having a quiet weekend. Joseph is getting some pictures taken tomorrow by a local photographer (free through our mom's group!) and T.J. is golfing early on Sunday. Maybe we'll hit the botanical garden, zoo, or aquarium this weekend... if we feel like braving the crowds!


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