Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another round at the doctor's office

Against my better judgement, I went ahead and scheduled the weight check appointment the doctor wanted. The appointment was today, and we had some marginal improvement from last time.

Joseph's up to 20.6 lbs, still at 32.5" tall and 18.5" head circumference. He's finally "legal" to turn in the carseat (though we have no intention of turning him anytime soon - check out this link, or google "extended rear facing" and watch some videos if you want more info.

His weight curve is looking better (on the exponential upswing) but his height and head now look stagnant. I'm not particularly concerned, because I think last time his weight was stagnant and the other two were OK. I hear some kids only grow one way at a time - out or up.

Of course, the doc, whose job it is to worry, ordered more blood tests. After the torture of last time, and how he was already screaming bloody murder from being placed on the scale I was loathe to get more bloodwork done. But we sucked it up, and Joseph was amazing! He didn't even cry at all and he had many vials pulled! I was so proud of him. The awesome nurses from last time were there again, and they were equally great this time. We'll see if anything comes up on the bloodwork. If it comes back normal, he wants us to see a nutritionist instead.

After all of that, we went and got pizza and ice cream for lunch as a treat. He almost got a gigantic stuffed dog at Costco as a guilt gift from me, but I tried to be reasonable. And by reasonable, I mean I already have my eye on something else that he'll like better. :)


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