Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nursing a Toddler

A couple of months ago I was all set to wean Joseph. We were down to nursing only in the morning, and he didn't seem overly interested. I figured if I just woke up with him it'd be all over. Then he started waking at 5:30am, so I aborted that in favor of side-lying nursing (and an extra 45-60min of rest).

It had been on my mind a lot recently, whether to wean or push on. I liked the idea of nursing through flu season (he's getting immunological benefits among others) but was also interested in having my body back. Recently, though, I've felt like we're really needing more connection time. He's definitely entering the "terrible two's", complete with whining, crying, whining, tantrums, whining... did I mention whining? He's also started having night terrors at night (poor baby) and wakes up from naps quite grouchy and out of sorts most days.

After talking to my LLL group today, I decided to initiate more nursing sessions again, instead of weaning. I offered after his nap today, and he was SO happy! He latched on and nursed away. Since it was light out (unlike our morning session), and I was awake and happy (unlike our morning session), we could actually see each others' faces and spend time bonding. He was smiling and giggling, and so was I. It was the most connected I've felt to him in a long time. It's such a special way of bonding that we just don't get other ways right now, as his speech is limited and he spends more and more time away from me doing his own thing.

It made me really happy with the choice to stick it out.

I love how life ebbs and flows, and nursing your baby or toddler can ebb and flow, too. It's such a great tool to have in the parenting tool kit.


One Artist a Day January 5, 2011 at 10:41 PM  

I hear you. Link started to get rougher and I started to callous, so I thought I would stop, but I didn't. All my midwifing friends (no LLL around here) have all stopped too. BUT I love having the tool when I need it. I also like having two people in my life who did toddler weaning (around 3 they said). If you need anyone to tell you you are doing the right thing, I am here.

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