Monday, September 26, 2011


I don't know that I'd really call it nesting, as I feel like that is the crazy can't-stop-myself-from-scrubbing-the-toilet-at-3am involuntary stuff, but at least I'm getting stuff done!

This weekend I:
- spent too much time shopping for baby (consignment!  how green and frugal)
- did lots of baby laundry (and got depressed at the thought of how much more laundry I'm gonna have to do when baby comes)
- cleaned out a few drawers in my room for baby clothes (we'll buy baby a dresser after we move)
- took a baby-inventory of clothing and filled in the gaps
- made tons of freezer meals - lasagna, pot pie, shepherd's pie, masaman curry, chicken noodle soup, and banana bread  I was planning to make chili and coq au vin a different time, too, but I'm honestly not sure that there is room in the freezer.  A girl still needs ice cream!

T.J. did his part moving some more things to the garage, cleaning out a drawer in his dresser, and generally being at my beck and call.

We're pretty much set for the baby, except the car seat, which I'm planning to take care of this week!  I've decided to keep Joseph rear facing and do an infant seat to start for the baby.  With Joseph we loved just having him in a convertible from the start, but between Baby being born in the fall, and our 2-door car dilemma, the infant seat will be better this time. 


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