Monday, September 26, 2011

Holy Mother of Supplements

Confession: I did not take my prenatal vitamin for the majority of this pregnancy.  I don't take a vitamin normally, so it was easy to "forget", and they are so freaking gross.  Seriously.

But good lord I'm having to make up for it now with all the stuff I'm taking!
- Liquid chlorophyll: You may recall my rants about salty wet hay when I was pregnant w/ Joseph.  It's meant to help with my platelets, which are low (again).  It's 3 tablespoons per day.  Blech.
- Vitamin K drops: I just put them in w/ the chlorophyll at night.  No biggie.  Also to build platelets.  Vitamin K is what they give babies at birth to help them clot better.  Same deal w/ platelets.
- Dandelion extract: helps to build blood up.  Also for the platelets.  This stuff tastes yucky.
- 5-w herbal blend: this has a bunch of herbs that should help get my body ready to birth "on time".  Since we're moving 12 days after baby's due date, I am hoping that she'll grace us with her presence in October.  This stuff is just to help with it.  We'll see.  It's 6 pills/day
- Evening primrose oil: another supplement to help prepare my body.  1 pill a day this week - each week I take one additional until my pelvic bones start getting too painfully loose (apparently it loosens everything up!
- Prenatal: heck, I'm taking a thousand other things, it just makes sense. 1 per day
- Propolis 1000: is supposed to kill the group b strep virus.  Since a group b strep diagnosis would be very difficult to get around with our home birthing plans, my midwife takes a proactive stance on making sure I *don't* have it.  6 pills per day for the next week.

My kitchen counter looks like a GNC.

I'm not sure how it's related, but since I've started taking the prenatal + chlorophyll + vit k + dandelion I've have a very clear reduction in leg cramping!  Not too bad of a trade off. 


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