Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is yucky.

I feel like I've been quite a whiner lately, but it's not going to stop me tonight! Thanks for all the well wishes on the PUPPS, it seems to be doing much better. Hopefully the rest of this stuff is doing it's job, too, because it's yucky!

First, pine tar soap is gross. it reeks. My bathroom smells gross, and I am supposed to *shower* with this stuff! It does not make you feel so fresh and so clean clean. I am less itchy today though...

Nettle is disgusting. Nettles is some sort of plant that is supposed to help with edema (swelling) by working on your kidneys. It's bad enough in a tincture, and my tea infusion I just make had totally stunk up my house. I can't wait to try it.

Liquid chlorophyll
is terrible. We're hoping it'll help increase my platelets. It tastes like wet, salty hay, because that's what it is. I take 3 tablespoons of this a day.

It doesn't help to put disgusting stuff in O.J. - It just makes the O.J. gross!

Isn't there any natural stuff that isn't gross? Well, dandelion tincture (liver) is tolerable, and the oral vitamin k (platelets) looks gross, but it appears to be tasteless. So I guess there is some minor relief with those.

DomerBaby, you are welcome to come out anytime, if just to save me from this awful crap I'm taking for you!


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