Monday, February 16, 2009

Labor and Delivery Class

T.J. and I attended a labor/delivery class at my yoga studio on Friday night. Laura (our doula) taught the class, and it was pretty good. A lot of it was repeat for me, as we discuss lots of birth things at the end of my yoga classes, but it was great for T.J. to get to hear it all, since he's the one that needs to remember it!

We learned different coping techniques, such as using sound, breath, water, and different positions to relieve the pain of labor. Best of all was that T.J. got to practice some of the techniques on me. Yey for massages!

There was a really smooth transition between yoga-type things that we could incorporate and talking about how things might go and practicing. It made the night go very fast. T.J. especially enjoyed the meditation (i.e. nap) time at the end!

After we left, he declared himself ready for the baby, and he's even more excited to have Laura with us at the birth.

So now we just wait!


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