Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smelly Belly

I've acquired a new nickname at work - Smelly Belly. Can't say I don't deserve it though! Yesterday I put some tea tree oil on right before lunch, and the boys had to deal with me in the car. Oh well, I'd rather smell tea tree oil than wear it on my PUPPS rash!

Today I bought a new lotion to try, because the oil and tar soap seems to be losing effectiveness. I got a lotion called Sarna, which has camphor and menthol in it. It smells less strong than the tea tree oil, which is nice. It stung a bit when I put it on, but in a good way - way better than itch! Walgreens had some ointment that had like 20 times the amount of camphor in it (10% vs. .5%) but it said not to put it on large areas of the body, so I nixed it for now. I might reconsider later. Other options down the pipe are antihistimines, but I'd rather stick to topical solutions for now.

If the PUPPS is spreading, it's doing so slowly, and the main itchiness remains in the lower left part of my belly. My poor poor belly, it will never be the same again, I don't think.

I bet DomerBaby is cuter than my belly ever was, anyway, so I don't really mind.


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