Tuesday, February 24, 2009

38.5 week prenatal appointments

This morning I went up to see the hospital midwives first. It was mostly uneventful, though the new midwife Anjili gave me a scare when she was unsure about the baby's position - she thought she felt a head high up! Luckily it was a misinterpretation. Margaret, who has 30 years of experience, popped in and assured us that everything was just as it should be - head down, well engaged, and nicely positioned.

Margaret also told me that we should start *really* enjoying our time now - going out to eat, seeing movies, etc... They don't think baby is coming anytime within the next week, but I think that was my heads up to get my ducks in a row! They were also pleased with our choice of pediatricians, which makes me happy. It's nice to have our feelings about our pediatrician validated.

I'm feeling really guilty that they can't know about our home birth. I really like all the midwives there, and they are just so kind and wonderful to me. I saw Diane on my way out and she was so excited at how close we're getting, and was like "next time I see you it'll be at the hospital!" Stupid Georgia laws. However, I don't doubt my decision. Even though I love the midwives, I really don't want to deal with the hospital rules. Too bad they can't come to my home birth!

Anyway, after my appointment there, I headed home and Charlotte met me at our house for our appointment. Things were much more calm this time than last time! The most exciting part was that she delivered our birth tub!!! So T.J. has something else to do for the baby. We'll set it up and then be all ready for the little one to come. Everything is looking great, my blood pressure is still low (100/60 at the doctor's office, 110/76 at home), all my vitals are good, and the baby's heartbeat sounded strong and wonderful. Charlotte thinks my swelling has gone down a bit, and I have to admit that my ankles don't seem quite as "cankle-ish" as normal. Maybe all that nettle and salad is working! Charlotte confirmed that baby is head down, though she thought it was strange that she could feel a foot on either side of my belly... apparently we have a little frog baby. We talked a little bit about the baby's position, and I'm currently reading up on it. I will report back with my hypotheses on what baby's been up to. Maybe I'll even draw you a new picture of DomerBaby!

Oh, and a little mystery solved regarding Charlotte always calling DomerBaby a girl - apparently she thought we knew we were having a girl! I'm not sure where she got this idea, but that explains why she always called it a she. So no insight from her, after all. Sorry!


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