Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prenatal appointment and blood work update

I had my weekly appointment with the hospital midwife today. I was supposed to see Charlotte, too, but she had a woman go into labor this morning. That's just how it goes, so no big deal. I'll be reporting to her this afternoon on what we did at the doctor's office.

Blood pressure is great (120/70), my liver enzymes look normal (yey!) and my red blood is improving. Even my platelets went up a teeny bit. So it looks like DomerBaby and I are doing very well. They won't do any more blood work unless I start feeling poorly, which is fine by me. I guess all the yucky stuff I'm taking is working!

I spoke too soon on the PUPPS rash getting better the other day - it's starting to spread. But I'm going to up my efforts with the stinky soap and disgusting tea to see if I can nip it in the bud. I am trying! It hasn't been so bad, as the remedies I'm using really do take the sting out of it most the time.

On the home front, T.J. needs to have his wisdom teeth out. I've been bugging him about it since November (when he got the 2nd warning from the dentist), and now his teeth are starting to hurt so it's become a necessity. So hopefully his extraction (date TBD) and the babies birthday do not coincide! I told him that he can't get it done the same weekend that Laura will be out of town in case I go into labor early. I need one of them around and in working order!


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