Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Livin on the Edge

The edge of insanity. The pregnancy hormones are making me cranky today... very cranky.

First I was cranky at T.J., because he is naughty and didn't clean the tub like he was supposed to this weekend. So I did it this morning at 6:45am (I was afraid the midwife would need to look in for water-birth related things) while he slept in. Not cool, Bucko! He did start to make up for it by agreeing very quickly that I should, indeed, have a strawberry milkshake for lunch. And this was before he knew I was even angry at him. Sometimes he is smarter than he looks.

Next, my midwife. She had to push back our visit by a half hour because of some car issues, but was still a half hour late after that. She called an hour and a half before our visit was originally scheduled to alert me, so I was not able to give the doula advance warning (I tried, but she was teaching yoga class). The midwife's new assistant, who I had yet to meet, came to the visit as well - with her two children. Seriously, this was not OK. They were very well behaved, but it was chaotic, our house is not babyproof, and T.J. ended up babysitting the older one instead of participating in important discussions while the assistant took care of the baby. So yeah, not sure what the point of her coming was. I guess now she knows where we live. She assured me the babies would not be at the birth. I gave her a wan smile. It was the best I could do (and better than responding "No Shit, Sherlock" - right?).

One good thing is that I know my doula is going to be the calm in the storm. She is so soothing. Meeting her at this time in my life almost makes me believe in fate. I was so glad she made it today.

Anyway, aside from my grumpiness, here's the latest about DomerBaby:

I got my bloodwork back yesterday from last week. My platelets are still dropping. This is not good. We are working on them. Luckily I'm not exhibiting other symptoms of HELLP, the syndrome with which it can be realated (low platelets is the LP of HELLP).

My blood pressure remains excellent - it was 122/70, which I thought was fabulous considering how worked up I've been today.

The baby's heartrate was 140bpm. A quick review of folklore tells me... nothing. It says that if the rate is >140 it's more likely a girl, <140 it's more likely a boy. So there ya go.

I am still measuring right on target (36cm)! I was a bit surprised that I wasn't ahead given the look of my belly! So that's great. I got a raised eyebrow for my 7 pound weight gain this month (you read that right!) but such is the life of the pudgy pregnant lady. I'm debating whether to blame it on swelling/water or the trail mix (no M&Ms even!) we make for lunch.


Elisa February 3, 2009 at 4:21 PM  

I mainly lurk, but I swear, almost everytime I read your blog, I keep thinking, "check, check, check". As in sooo many things you say could go for me as well. I also think we are carrying the same. BTW, I got your blog from the Nest.

Love the "no shit, Sherlock" thought. It made me LOL.

And I had my big weight gain the same month/weeks you did. I was weighed again last week and had ANOTHER huge gain (11 freaking lbs!) so when I just read about your 7 lb gain, there I was again.."check". :)

Oh, and I am cranky, too. Especially with DH.

Hang in there! It's almost time!

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