Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2 week and 4 week Appointments

yeah, yeah... I just had a baby and moved across country into a decrepit (yet charming) house.  Cut me a little slack.  ;)

OK, a lot of slack, because I don't know where the info is that they gave us so you just get weights this time!

Birth: 9lb, 2oz
2 weeks: 9lb, 5oz
4 weeks: 9lb, 14oz

I think they said today that they like to see 1-2lb gains per month.  I told them about my slow-growing son, though, and that they shouldn't expect much from my kids in the weight gain department.  Ha!

Nora is beginning to smile for real!  She's always been pretty expressive, and starting Sunday, I'd say, I got some reactive smiles from her.  Tonight we almost had a "conversation".  We stuck our tongues out, smiled, raised our eyebrows, and I swear she almost laughed back at me!  We're BFF's already.

 Nora at 4 Weeks


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