Friday, November 4, 2011

A busy week

Things have been busy here.  And I don't really mean like, typical "have a new baby" busy.  I mean "you are somewhat insane" busy!

Nora was born on Sunday, and we spent monday at home, of course. 

Oh my is Joseph big compared to Nora!

Chillin' in front of the fire.  What, don't you nap in baskets?

Enjoying being a big brother

On Tuesday we took Nora to the pediatrician, had some visitors, and our midwife came back to check us both over. 

First time outside
First car ride.  She was a champ!

 Not a fan of rectal thermometers, though.

Hey, a picture with Mama!

Wednesday I took Nora to her first La Leche League meeting while T.J. and Joseph rode the train to get some lunch.  That afternoon Auntie Debbie arrived, and that evening she and I took both of the kids to music class (hey, we had a couple to make up!)

Every once in a while Daddy even gets to hold her!

But he has to fight Auntie for her. Ha!

On Thursday, we took Nora to get her newborn hearing screen done (she's fine) and had a visit from my doula, Laura.  Joseph and Auntie baked that birthday cake I meant to do when I was in early labor.  Except that I didn't get around to it because I wasn't sure I was in labor.  (more on that soon!)
The rest of the day, Joseph kept busy reading books...
Nora napped
Joseph played with Nora's hair bows
Nora ate, and napped...
Joseph wanted more hair bows...
Nora wanted more naps...

Joseph played in the infant car seat
and pretended to be Cookie Monster (he does a good impression!)
And today to cap off our "inappropriate places we take our newborn" we rode the train downtown to vital records to get Nora her birth certificate made up before we leave.  When I called a couple of days ago, they said mornings were best.  I said, "is Friday morning OK?" and they said yes, any morning.  So we showed up a little after 9.  The person (there is apparently only one) who processes home births was at a meeting.  So we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally after two hours she got back, and we made it home around noon.  

Whew!  What a week!  Tomorrow we are having a few friends over to say goodbye, Auntie leaves on Sunday, and on Monday we'll be packing up for my flight out with the 2 kiddos on Tuesday!  T.J. and his dad will be driving up on Wednesday and Thursday with all of our things.  

So, to say the least, we've been "busy". 


The Good Wife November 4, 2011 at 10:52 PM  

I love the third to last photo of her napping. I love all the photos I have of the baby like that.

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