Friday, March 2, 2012

4 Months!

Nora is 4 months old!  Time really is flying by.  This month she learned to roll over (front to back), *really* found her voice (all the shouting is wreaking havoc on her brother - he thinks she's crying even though she's just "talking"), and can hold on and "play" with toys in earnest.  Best of all, she's beginning to laugh!  She's also starting to like pulling on my hair.  No toothbuds, yet, but she's leaking like a sieve and chomps on my knuckles with vigor.  Her hair and eyelashes are growing in thick, though her hair is still pretty short. 

We had her pediatrician visit today.  Stats:

Height: 24.5" (50%)
Weight: 12lbs 12oz (25%)
Head Circ: 40.5cm (30%)

Interestingly, Joseph's were:
Height: 25 1/4" (57%)
Head circumference: 41.5cm (26%)
Weight: 13lb 6oz (17%)

I know that they are just giving us a ballpark % at this new place rather than the more technical computer printout at our old pedi.  Also, girls have different charts than boys, but it's funny to think that Nora is smaller than Joseph at the same age - she seems so darn tall and chunky to me!  Hahaha.  In my defense, she is almost growing out of some of her 3-6mo clothes already, so what else am I to go on?

In gratuitous compliments, the pediatrician said she had beautiful skin and really thick, luscious hair.  I can't help but agree!


Jen March 5, 2012 at 1:48 PM  

What a sweetheart! I adore her hair!

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