Thursday, March 15, 2012

Joseph's 3 Year Pediatrician Appointment

Today we went to the doctor for Joseph's physical.  He was a champ!  We'd read Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor yesterday, and he was very excited.

He weighed in at 26lbs (3% from what I can tell on the charts) and 38.5" (75%).  So I guess he had a growth spurt, as he was usually around 50%.  The doctor was happy with the variety of food he eats, as well as his language skills and physical appearance.  Not one comment about feeding him more or putting weight on him - hooray!  Have I mentioned how much I love this doctor?!?

Joseph did get his MMR finally today (we were waiting for him to top 25lbs).  He knew that he was getting a shot and that it'd hurt for a little bit, but I think he was pretty shocked when it happened.  He didn't cry during the shot, but I think when the pain didn't subside right away he got a little frightened and then started crying.  Poor buddy.  He commented several times that "it hurts" afterwards.  He got a cookie for being brave.

In other news, I went to parent-teacher conferences at preschool today!  It was fun to hear how great he is.  Hahaha.  He's doing awesome at school and learning lots!


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