Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random thoughts on Toddlers

We went to the museum of natural history today, and Joseph had tons of fun!  At first, he was afraid of the dinosaurs, but he did ask to go back to see them.  Some were "too scary" but he liked the t-rex, triceratops, and sauropods.  The museum was phenomenal, by the way!  Highly recommend if you are ever in the area.

Toddler language is just about the funniest/neatest/most interesting thing I've observed for a while!  Since they say everything out loud, you really get a feel for how their language develops.  I can't believe just a couple of months ago I was talking about Joseph's "first" conversation.  His language has exploded!  Some of the funny stuff he says has to do with his vocabulary.  I was always told that I used "too big" of words when I was a kid, and I think Joseph will be the same way.  He also has superb manners, when he remembers to use them!  Lots of please, thank you, may I, etc...

From the grammar standpoint, he works hard to get things right - sometimes going too far in one direction.  Right now he understands "yours" but instead of "mine" uses "mines" (makes sense!).

The plural can trip him up, too.  Today he had one noodle on his spoon and said "Here is one mac'n'chee".  Then he had 2, and said "Here are two mac'n'cheese".  So obviously "mac'n'chee" is the singular.  LOL!

I love watching him develop... things have definitely been improving around the house in the last few days with our moods!


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