Saturday, April 14, 2012

She's got, Personality!

Wow, this week Nora really has turned on the charm!  She's started making these super-adorable baby girl noises. (I remember them from my mom's group baby girls - I was always amazed at their sweet little voices!)  She's sitting up safely now, and loves to lunge for stuff already.  I'm nervous that my baby "golden age" is going to be short this time around!  We went out to dinner tonight and she sat in the high chair by herself, and last week she rode in the grocery cart for the first time!  I can't believe how she's growing.

Joseph seems to have turned a corner the last few days, too (knock on wood).  Tonight he went to Nora and gave her a hug and kiss - on his own.  For no reason.  Multiple times.  Baffling.  And wonderful.  I hoe this lasts for at least a few days.  Ha!

By the way, Joseph's manners are improving, too.  He's doing a lot better with not whining while asking for things, uses please and thank you without prompting often now, and was super well behaved out at dinner.  We've never had too much trouble with him, but I can really see the improvement in his behavior after the last few weeks of horribleness!

<3 my babies!


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