Saturday, February 23, 2013

15 Month Pediatrician Visit

I took Nora to the doctor on Friday for her 15 month check up.  Yes, it's almost 16 months.  I didn't realize that I needed a 15mo appt!

She weighed 17lb 14oz (<3 br="">
She was 50% for length and between 25-50% for head circumference.

The doctor we saw was a PITA, but that kind of stuff rolls off of my back now.  I wish people like her weren't spewing misinformation about breastfeeding though.

Nora got two shots, but she did great afterwards - no fever or obvious discomfort.

She is walking, "talking", and understands a lot more lately.  Her favorite things are animals, particularly dogs, but also horses (uh oh!).  She loves to sing and dance.  She is very feisty and does not particularly care for being treated as the 2nd child.  Hahaha!  She wants ALL of the attention. 

Nora loves to give hugs and kisses, too, and absolutely adores Joseph.  She loves to hug him, touch him, and aggravate him!  She races to his room in the morning - well, not anymore!  They are sharing a room!  Not sure if we'll keep it that way but we think it'll work well for now.


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