Monday, February 11, 2013

Night weaning

To me, night weaning really signifies when my babies turn into toddlers. We started a long process with Joseph around this age (15 mos) and we felt it was the right time for Nora, too. We're handling things a little differently this time, though, and I have to say that the results so far have been amazing!

Phase 1: I moved in with Joseph at night this weekend. T.J. Still has Nora in our room. I nurse her before bed, give her to T.J. and don't look back! The first night she was up about 3 times (on the nice end of normal for her) and at 6am I went in because I was a leaky mess and needed relief! The second night she fussed while TJ was trying to brush his teeth and iron, but settled right down next to him and went to sleep! She woke up once, and I went in at 5:30. Tonight, no tears at all! Cannot even believe it. I'm so glad we waited until she was this age, she clearly understands and is able to cope just fine!

Phase 2: will be moving nap time to her crib in her room. Not gonna lie, I am dreading this.

Phase 3: daddy puts her to bed in her crib... Mom and Dad sleep all night. ;)


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