Friday, August 22, 2008

12 week appointment!

We started the morning at the Ob/Gyn office at 7:30 for our "regular" appointment. We arrived at 7:25, and were back in the car at 7:45. Insurance dollars at work! They did weight, blood pressure, and she palpitated my belly to feel for the uterus since I declined the doppler. We left kind of surprised and unsatisfied... and glad that we were going to see Charlotte.

We hit up Chick-Fil-A for breakfast since we didn't need to be at Charlotte's until 9am, and then headed for appointment number 2.

We spent 2 HOURS with Charlotte. She went over nutrition, vitamins, my blood work from the other office that I brought her. We discussed the different options for child birth classes at length. She wanted to know a bunch of other stuff to make sure I had all the knowledge I needed to make good decisions at home with eating, exercising, heavy lifting, and even just getting up from a prone position.

She told me to call her anytime if I had a question (!). She also did weight, blood pressure, and palpitation of the uterus. It was fun to compare from the earlier versions. Charlotte has this cool faux pelvis so she was able to show us what the uterus was doing, so that was neat. I was also able to "check out" a book from her that I'm excited to read. It's time to get back to baby-learning!

High points from today:
- I've gained 2lbs since my last visit (7/30) with the doc's office per their scale
- My blood pressure is normal (108/60 or 120/68 depending on how worked up I am about childbirth classes!)
- I have a retroverted uterus. That just means it's tilting back instead of forward. Charlotte said it'll just sort of slingshot over at some point and go forward, and I'll just look *really* pregnant one day! Hehe, I can't wait!

I guess that means that the picture was just bloat! But at least it's from the baby!

I also told everyone at work today, so now I don't have to hold in my stomach when I walk the halls!


babysimo August 25, 2008 at 9:16 PM  

Charlotte sounds great- why skip the doppler? just curious...

T.J. and Jen August 27, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

There is some controversy about it. I guess it works like u/s, but instead of intermittent pulses, it's continuous, so the baby gets even more "rays". My m/w saw a study where they put the doppler over red blood cells and it changes their shape. eek! Anyway, we decided that if we don't have a medical reason, there is no reason to do procedures. I'm really glad we didn't do it, b/c if we had tried, I don't think they would have heard it b/c of my retroverted uterus, and we'd either have ended up w/ another u/s, or been really really scared that something was wrong.

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