Monday, August 11, 2008

Lots of changes!

We had a great time up at ND this weekend - we told all our friends there about DomerBaby, and they were all very happy for us. I've never seen so many guys into babies as T.J.'s friends are!

Campus was undergoing some major changes - they finished one new dorm and are building another, the Law School is being expanded to more than double it's old size, and apparently they are tearing up North Quad, too. They even expanded the bookstore. We need to start going more than one time per year so we don't get confused by all the changes!

We got DomerBaby a cute ND hat (see left) and a 12mo t-shirt. Most of the cute stuff was gender-specific - Just another reason not to find out in advance! I'm saving tons of money. Haha.

Notre Dame isn't the only one with lots of changes! I'm noticing more and more things happening with my body, as well. Last night I got some wicked heart burn from a banana (?!?), more nerve pain, and this weekend the super-nose kicked in. Something smelled absolutely revolting at the office, but apparently no one else smelled it.

My pants (and even my shirts) are getting tighter. I may need to get a pair of maternity dress pants soon. I live in pajamas at home, and rubber bands on my jeans are the norm these days.

It's very exciting! I think I'll be showing for real in a few more weeks!


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