Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prenatal appointment coming up!

Yey! I'm getting excited for my first appointment with Charlotte (the homebirth midwife). I'm meeting with the hospital midwife first on Friday for my "normal" 12w checkup, then heading to Charlotte's for my real appointment. I expect it to be much more fun and informative! And I'm hoping she'll teach me how to feel my fundus (the top of the uterus - you can feel it from the outside on your belly). I just can't tell if I'm doing it right.

We will be declining any ultrasound or doppler use until the 20w appointment, so we won't be seeing DomerBaby or hearing his/her heartbeat. I think that Charlotte should be able to hear it by 16w with the fetoscope, so we'll just try to be patient!

T.J. and I went for a jog last night, which was barely a crawl for him, but wore me out so much that I feel asleep on the couch after dinner for about 2 hours! I woke up to hear the NBC commentators complaining more about how unfair the gymnastic scoring is. ::eye roll:: Even though I love the Olympics, I'll be glad when it's over and we can start going to bed earlier again.

I'll be taking my weekly belly picture again tonight... I think I might have grown quite a bit this week. I've been having more trouble sucking in my belly. I'm planning to tell everyone at work either Friday after I get back from my appointment, or Monday. We'll see. It seems like an awkward conversation to have with your boss...


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