Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New videos

I took a couple of quick videos of Joseph using our web cam and posted them on smugmug.

Sorry there hasn't been much posted lately... things have been a bit wild around here. Joseph has decided that unless Daddy is around, his 3rd nap should be 30 minutes vs. three hours. Yikes. Unfortunately for Mama, Daddy is only around on the weekends for that one!

To top it off, T.J. has had to start traveling for work again. Luckily he's only had to go overnight so far. Last week he left on Thursday and came back Friday night late, so that left me with essentially 2 days by myself. He left again today and will get back tomorrow. Not gonna lie, it's extra hard without him. I didn't realize how much I rely on him to help me with bedtime and just to get a break to make a healthy dinner. But so far Joseph and I (and T.J.) are surviving just fine! Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't start traveling a lot more!

Joseph and I have been busy with story-time, errand-running, keeping house, mom's group, LLL, and an occasional walk. We both enjoy the weekends when Daddy is around to play more - he and Joseph have a great time together.


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