Monday, November 9, 2009

Joseph is 8 months old!

We can't believe that he's already 3/4 of a year [EDIT: by 3/4 I meant 2/3]. Insane! He's really an amazing little boy. Slowly but surely, he's starting to turn into a "child" rather than a baby, though luckily we have at least a few months of babyhood left!

Today he is starting to push himself backwards in his attempts to get up in the air and crawl. Pretty exciting! He is also enjoying learning how zippers work, getting turned upside down by daddy, and trying lots of new foods!

On a more personal front, I am now back down to my pre-pregnancy weight! Yey! I still need to do some serious exercising, but things are definitely "shifting" back a little bit. Now if I can get rid of my "raisin" tummy... hehe!

I've uploaded some photos and video to smugmug, so go check them out!


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