Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My big fat exhausting day

I took lots of pictures of Joseph tonight, in order to remind myself what a beautiful little angel he is. Why do I need reminding, you ask? One heck of a long day.

1) Joseph learned to pull up - on his co-sleeper. Not good. Luckily I was nearby and he didn't tumble out. He is also starting to roll to his destination. Nowhere is safe now.
2) Joseph ate his nerf ND football. Literally there are chunks missing. Luckily he did not choke and die. The big chunks are not in his tummy, so no emergency trips to the ER.
3) Joseph covered himself in paint from our craft project.
4) Joseph is having digestive issues, so we went and bought prunes today. He loved them - ate 2.5 oz at once - then took a bite of sweet potato (his favorite) and promptly threw up all the prunes plus the milk from his last nursing session. Brilliant! Of course, this was after his bath from the paint.
5) He slept maybe 2 hours worth of nap today - not enough. And stayed up till 9:30pm.
6) He is teething again, which makes him grumpy.
7) And he has separation anxiety.

Joseph 1, Mommy 0

Tomorrow's another day. A day in which I'll post those pictures I mentioned.


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