Friday, March 26, 2010


Joseph is getting good at waving! He waves goodbye to Daddy now in the morning. So cute!

Even more adorable is when T.J. gets home from work if Joseph is awake. It just makes my heart explode. He'll hear the key in the lock and stop what he's doing, waiting. When T.J. walks in Joseph starts laughing and speed-crawls over there to be picked up. Oh my word. There is no better time of the week.

Joseph's getting tooth #7. It started breaking through the surface yesterday and is slowly peeping out.

He's also really enjoying starting games of hide and seek. He'll cover his eyes (you know, because that makes him disappear) and then uncover them and I'll comply with a "Peek-a-boo!" He laughs, rinses, and repeats 20 times. It's cute. I got a video of it that I'll upload.

The changes are coming fast, now. I feel like almost every day deserves the "milestone" tag on the blog!


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